Thursday, July 16, 2009

communication nightmare

I thought technology was to improve things. This morning I have been communicating with different people and found that nearly everyone of them used a different form of communication.
It started with a text message, then landline calls, some facebook messages, Myspace, MSN, Skype, email, and now a blog. It's overwhelming, coming home each day and checking my messages, it usually takes an hour each evening. It would be an ideal world if everyone used the same communication tool for everything, it would be more efficient and a time saver, something that we would all appreciate. As the world and the technologies become more complex you would think they would be trying to improve things not make them more complicated. My favourite communication tool is skype, as it does everything. I allows me to communicate in different ways to different tools like a mobile, landline, computer. So with all the group work that needs to be done this term, I hope that all our members can agree to go through Skype which will make my life simpler. After all my favourite motto is 'kiss; keep it simple stupid'.


  1. Hi Amanda,

    I'm loving reading my way through your blog ( i think thats what you call it haha) I totally agree with the hundred and one ways to communicate, maybe we should invent a way to meld them altogether for ease and also for time saving (i think we would be rich) yay!!! well I'm going to keep looking at this blog thing and try and get my head around it. See you next week xo

  2. Hey Mandy,

    I agree with you I though technology was suppose to be easy and improve things:). My communication with people today has been all technology based, text message, phone call, MSN, myspace, face book and now our blog. It is so overwhelming in almost every aspect. I think maybe technology becomes overwhelming is because people haven't decided upon one set communication method. By improving things in the way of technology they have become more complicated and confusing for us 'digital immigrants' even though I'm not technically one but feel like one. My favorite communication method is MSN its quick and easy and FREE, which is a bonus.
    Well I have got to love you and leave you,
    see you later,

  3. Hi Alice and Sarah,
    I'm so glad that you both agree, especially as both of you were born into a digital world, whereas I come from another generation and have seen technology gradually grow and infiltrate every aspect of our lives. I agree with both of you, in that we need to find a common platform of communication to make our lives less complicated, and Alice if you know a computer engineer that can help us create our dream, call him. After all that is how Bill Gates started, he took the best of all the computers of the time (Apples, Commodore 64s & Artaris) and combined them into windows. The rest was history, I really am showing my age!!
    Anyway, I look forward to reading your blogs and adventures into the digital realms.
    Stay happy & healthy,