Saturday, July 18, 2009

creative knowledge society

I believe it essential that as a Learning Manager of the future it is essential that we embrace the technology and actively utilise it in all KLAs. From simple blogs (I say that now, ha) where students can report homework and the Learning Manager can track the progress through to podcasts and skype conference calls where groups can collaborate and network. I know 80% of my year 7 class log on to the internet every night, so if we were to use this method I'm sure a lot more homework would be completed. In an age of visual communication it essential that we equip our students with the knowledge and understanding of the technologies and their applications so they are prepared for our 'creative knowledge' society in the future.


  1. Hi Amanda,

    I totally agree with your homework thoughts. I know from experience with my own children, that the homework that is to be completed online is always the first to be done.

    As learning managers of the future it is important that we grasp this concept and move with the times to ensure our students do not have the opportunity to 'power down' when they arrive at school.

    Your little Picassos are very cute i might add!
    Chat again soon,

  2. Hiya Kerri,

    If the students are engaged with what their doing then half the battle is done. Their digital world is moving so fast and the amount of information can be overwhelming, but I know that its important for both them and myself to keep up to date, otherwise we will be left behind.
    Everywhere you look, visual communication is becoming more prominent, so I feel that digital technology is being embraced by the Learning Managers and that schools need better resources, as often there are not enough computers, they are to slow/old or the programs are archaic and the students home computers are more advanced. That is what is stopping me from teaching them eg. photoshop, illustrator etc.
    Hopefully the Education dept. might wake up (Ha) to the lack of resources available to facilitate some of these engaging learning experiences.
    Stay happy & healthy

  3. Hi Mandy,
    I totally agree with having a classroom full of technology. It all starts at home even before we start school and continues into our adulthood. Smart Classrooms is an initative of the Queensland Government who have set a task to provide technology smart classrooms in every government school. Google smart classrooms and check out their site, you may even find some new resources :) As Learning Managers I believe we can be part of the change in classrooms to make them more technological driven. Technology excites me as well as scares me but I am attracted to it and so are my students so you know what they say 'Relax and just go with it'.
    To the moon and beyond.......
    Melody x