Monday, August 3, 2009


Aggregate in Latin means to herd, so I relate an aggregator to that of a herder, a collector or assembler of things. An RSS aggregator, is a tool that collects and collates all your favourite content for quick and easy assess.

I had often wondered what the RSS symbol (logo) represented on my tool bar(I know, I'm a visual person). I then discovered that RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication which was is an effective tool for collecting your favourite blogs and websites in one place, so you can connect quickly and conviently thus saving time, which we all need. As I have a google account, I find that my google reader automatically updates and collates all my favourite feeds.

This tool has saved me numerous hours searching and can see the application being useful in the classroom as both Learning Managers and students have little time. Students can write, read their peers blogs and collaborate on learning experiences. The students can interact easily on group activities and worthwhile tasks (Kearsley, G.,& Shneiderman, B. 1999). The Learning Manager would be able to follow all the sites and respond to students questions in one convenient place.

Learning Managers and students should embrace Really Simple Syndication as it effective, efficient and a time saving tool.

Stay happy & healthy

Kearsley, G.,& Shneiderman, B. Engagement Theory: A framework for technology-based teaching and learning. Retrieved July 21, 2009, from,


  1. Hi Amanda,
    I like your analogy between an RSS and herding, for a farming girl it makes sense. It's a gathering tool, a way of mustering everything into one place for ease of access. Good one.

  2. Thanks Marg,
    I find relating some of these "techno terms" to more mundane things gives me a better understanding. It's the "connectivism" theory in practise.