Saturday, August 15, 2009


A Podcast is like an audioblog. I was familiar with downloading music to my ipod (music soothes my soul), but I had not heard of vodcasts before. Just as podcasting downloads audio files, vodcasting relates to video (visual) files. So I suppose you could call it 'videoblog'. Both podcasts and vodcasts can be listened and viewed through a variety of ways, computer, MP3, ipod, mobile phones and even Nintendo Wii as my sons have just informed me. The students could have control over when, where and how they wish to view the casts, which instantly creates a sense of comfort and order.

Podcasts allow students to practise their literary skills through the use of vocabulary, writing, editing, public speaking and presentation skills as well as communication, time management and problem solving skills (Schmit, 2005) which will be envaluable for their future. I have subscribed to a Podcast called 'Technology 4 Teachers' (Martinson, 2009), which aids Learning Managers in intergrating the technology into their classroom. As well as teaching tools they are also a great resource for the Learning Manager.

As we all know, Children learn best when they are entertained greatly and educated gently, and by creating an educational experience in an environment where they feel a sense of comfort affects student's ability to learn (Marzano & et al, 1997). By using vodcasts as learning resources in learning experiences, they can create meaningful and worthwhile tasks (Oliver, 1999) that engage students in medias that they are comfortable with.


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