Monday, August 17, 2009

Quizzes - Classmarker

Online quizzes are a great resource for Learning Managers. Basically they are the digital form of what teachers have been doing for years on paper, with the extra advantage of instant feedback for the students and the ability for them to do it again to improve their success. On line quizzes could be used as an assessment for learning, where the information gained from the quizzes could be used to shape the teaching and learning process (Curriculum Corporation, n.d). As a regular part of the unit, online quizzes provide feedback for the Learning Manager and as Brady, L. & Kennedy, K. (2009) state feedback helps students improve their learning.

Classmarker is a free site that lets you create online quizzes. You can design multiple choice, true or false, free test and punctuation tests to fit the individual cohort and intended learning outcomes (ILO). Classmarker can be used in the classroom where the students themselves are registered and they can log on to a class to complete the test or students can use the 'rebranding' feature which allows them to create their own tests (Datapedia, 2009) that can be shared with their peers. In creating their own quizzes, students would ideate questions to go on their quizzes that relate to the unit, they then would create the quiz and finally share their quiz with their peers. This would refer to the Relate, Create and Donate framework. You can access Classmarker at;

Classmaker could also be used as an extension activity for the fast finishers in the classroom. I currently create and print out (seems archaic now) extra activities that relate to my classes unit of work. Classmarker automatically marks the quizzes and the results can be recorded which will save the Learning Manager time. Online quizzes are a great alternative to the traditional pen and paper tests, but should be used with a variety of assessments, such as formal and informal because different forms of assessment test different kinds of knowledge and skills (Brady, L. & Kennedy, K. 2009)


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  1. Thank you for demonstrating how ClassMarker can be used in a classroom environment. Being in an early childhood classroom, I was struggling with how it could be used. My prep "natives" are just starting to read and write, and images and symbols would be far better to use and more visually stimulating for them.

  2. That's what I adore about Classmarker, the fact that you can individualise it to meet the learning outcomes, whether thats the visual images for a lower level through to multiple choice and grammar and punctuation for the upper primary students. It's so simple and quick to set up, the way I like. If I create an image quiz I'd be happy to send it to you.