Sunday, August 16, 2009


Slideshare is a service which lets you share your PowerPoint presentations on the internet. It allows you to upload, view and search for presentations and users can collaborate in the comments and group sections (Wikipedia, 2009). It's a great way to embed Powerpoint or Keymote presentations into your Blog and other websites.

Slideshare is just one host, others include Slideboom, SlideServe and Authorstream. Slideshare allows you to embed items up to 100mb where as Slideboom only allows for 30mb upload. Slideboom allows animated .gifs movement when the slideshare animation is static. Slideboom also allows custom animation movements while slideshare does not. I think Slideboom has some positives to it especially with the animations but, I will stick with Slideshare as has the 100mb capacity compared to the 30mb.

Slidehare is another tool that the Learning Manager could utilise with tools to create an effective and meaningful learning experience. Engagement as Prensky (2005) stated is not just about the fancy graphics but how we use.


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