Saturday, August 15, 2009

Web music

We have all downloaded music from time to time, but was not aware of the copyright regulations regarding the sharing of music until I was recently. The copyright laws within the schools are complex, but there are ways of utilising music from the web in the class without infringing on these laws. As long as you are using it for educational purposes and not sharing the music with others (school community, web) it should be allowed.

File sharing is the distribution or the providing of access to digitally stored information (Wikipedia, 2009) such as computers, MP3 players, iPods where they can manually share. There are numerous options for sharing files but the most popular is the peer to peer networks (P2P), which allows the sharing of any type of digital media.

As a Learning Manager I feel that music can create a sense of comfort and order to a classroom, it can enhance a learning experience, provide inspiration and motivation, release tension and create a sense of fun. Teaching my year 7 class to check for copyrights before using music is a great learning experience for them as it is meaningful to the learner in and outside of the classroom (Kearsley & Shneiderman, 1999).


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