Friday, August 14, 2009

Learning Management Systems

I have to admit,I did not know what a Learning Management System (LMS)was a few days ago. Now I realise that is what our E-Learning course is one, Moodle. Another name for LMS is Course Management Systems (CMS), which is a virtual learning environment. Its software for delivering, tracking and managing education (Wikipedia, 2009). It allows for onlne collaboration, online assessment, automated record-keeping and student self-service and more.

This the first time I have ever undertaken a course online, and find the collaborating with my peers helps me. I have been responding and reading others blogs, following and replying to threads on activities and communicating with them through Skype and email. I suppose I'm showing my age, as I still struggle sitting
in front of the computer working and wondering if I'm doing the right thing or not.
It is this interaction that I find most engaging, when I can discover things that my peers already know, or I analyse and compare notes with my peers.

With the use of LMS students as Marzano & Pickering (1997) suggest, are able to do group work within a supportive environment ( 1997). Through collaborating together, diplaying and reporting their tasks, the students are constructing a shared learning environment (McInerney & McInerney, 2002). LMS or virtual learning environments are designed to aid Learning Managers in creating online courses with opportunities for student collaboration and interaction.

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  1. Hi Amanda, Great posts one and all. I found it difficult deciding which one to comment on so I decided to say a bit about all on the one. You have really grasped the concept of this course I believe and even I can see that you will make a great Learning Manager in a years time. I even feel that from reading your posts that I now have a better understanding of many of the concepts outlined in this course. This just goes to reinforce the concept of networking, an extremely important aspect of teaching, bouncing ideas off of each other and gaining understandings from other peoples point of view. There I have even linked it back to the Dimensions of Learning (Dim 5. Habits of Mind) but I do not need to tell you that because you have demonstrated you vast knowledge of all things learning management related. Keep up the great job you are definitely a creative Learning Manager. (Please excuse any spelling mistakes using a different computer and I am not used to the keyboard yet).

  2. Hi Donna, Thanks for the encouraging feedback. I to am learning a lot about the new technologies and capabilities available, not only from my on research but from my peers blogs. Some of the cousreware presented looked like another language to me, especially all the acronyms such as, IWB, LMS, RSS to name a few. But if we are to guide our students into the 21 century, we must be literate in their language and embrace the new technologies which they will need in their futures. :)