Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Youtube & Teachertube

Both Youtube and Teachertube (educational video sharing website) are invaluable resources for Learning Managers to use. They can engage and make the students think. Research (3M Corporation, 2001) has found that the human processes visual images at an astounding 60.000 times faster than text. As Learning Managers this means that by using visuals we can speed the learning process up 60,000 times!

'Youtube ' and 'Teachertube' are powerful learning tools, if used correctly. For safety reasons it is essential that the Learning Manager uses a program called 'Keepvid' so that they can save and store clips prior to lessons without the advertisements and related comments appearing next to them.

Last term I showed the following clip (Dove evolution) to my year 7 class as part of their HPE lesson. It provided a quick clip on image distortion in the media using photshop. This clip was a great hook for the beginning of the unit as well as an essential for 12 and 13 year olds to understand not to believe everything that the see. We had a discussion afterwards then in groups they went through some popular magazines cutting out pictures that they thought were touched up by photoshop. They then had to create posters with an image and had to display their posters in the school foyer. These learning activites relate to the engagement theory (Kearsley and Shneiderman, 1999) in which the students relate, create and donate thoughout the learning experience.

I recently had a presentation at uni on visual literacy and found this awesome clip, but due to limited presenting time I could only show half of it. It hooks you in instantly and the core meaning comes through with few words. I hope you enjoy watching it.

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